Jesters Court Tattoo Artist Chance Girard

Chance Girard

Chance Girard was born and raised in South Florida where he became interested in the tattoo culture at a very young age.  Chance convinced his parents to let him get his first tattoo at age fourteen and then became completely obsessed.

“I knew right then this was exactly how I wanted to spend the rest of my life, expressing myself artistically”.

He began Tattooing and Piercing professionally in 2007, at Pride ‘s Chance GirardTattoo Gallery in South Beach, FL. Chance was very fortunate to work with him and with many other extremely talented artists along the way who helped him to refine his skills and develop into the artist he is today.

“Working at Pride ‘s was very surreal to me, he was a highly regarded artist in the area.”  

Chance is very dedicated and puts his all into everything he does, which helps set him apart from so many other artists, spending his time in the shop constantly pushing the boundaries of the “typical” tattoo.

“It’s hard work but doesn’t always feel that way. I love what I do and can’t see myself doing anything but tattooing.”  

Glimpses of his work:

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