Sean McCarthy

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sean-p.-mccarthy-01Born long, long, ago in the naughty North Side, Sean P. McCarthy has been tattooing since 1991 across the country, at various conventions, shows, and chick’s parent’s houses. He likes to play with Wookies and forgets what he is doing a lot. He dresses tuff but wears silly shoes. Snowboarding and off roading get him through troubled times. He pretends to work out. He wouldn’t be able to cope with out his friends, family and co-workers to sedate and help Sean P McCarthyhim every day through the freak show that is his life. He digs acting and modeling and still sponsors Pittsburgh Roller Derby. Need a back-up dancer? Don’t call him, he’s driving. His daughter is his world so back off haters. His wifey will eat your face! He is the king of the nerds and shows that there is hope for us all. Good luck finding him. Have your people call his people. Why are you still reading this? Look at the pretty pictures…


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